A walking route up Black Fell (Black Crag)

Last week we visited the wonderful Drunken Duck Inn near Ambleside. The staff kindly gave us their written instructions for a walk up Black Fell, which is also known as Black Crag and is located behind the Inn. We thought we'd add a few images as a guide to the more tricky parts of the route.

The Duck's guide states: "Take the Skelwith Road from the Duck. Walk approximately six minutes to footpath gate signed 'Sunny Brow'. After passing through gates following ascending path to brow of hill. Note gate in wall on left. Count three large trees (very obvious) against wall, after gate."

Here's a picture of the gate and the three trees, centre and left:

The guide continues: "At third tree find faint path on right up through larches. Path becomes clearer as ascend."

Here's a picture of the path, branching off to the right as the main path curves off to the left:

If you take the path upwards you will shortly arrive at the fence below, which caused us some puzzlement:

In the end we hopped over the left hand side, and continued up the slopes of the fell. As you can see from the image above, the path is essentially a stream bed for this part of the route.

Eventually the stream bed ends and a more conventional path loops slowly upward towards the top of the fell. You have a stile to navigate and then you're at the top. Or nearly: don't be fooled by the cairn you'll come across first, as the summit of Black Fell (which is the part called Black Crag) is slightly further along and is marked by a National Trust stone:

It took us thirty minutes to reach the summit; boots are recommended. The more conventional Wainwright route from the National Trust car park at the foot of Tom Gill is described here.