7 things not to miss at Llandudno Arts Weekend

If you're visiting Llandudno this weekend for LLAWN02, Llandudno Arts Weekend, you'll find the town full of free arts events. Here are our highlights of the festival.

1. The bathing machines

Replica Victorian bathing machines will hug the promenade, each housing an artist or installation. We're particularly looking forward to seeing leading urban artist Pure Evil, who will be creating one of his signature teardrop portraits and DJ-ing a silent disco. We also hope to call in on Alana Tyson, who will be creating traditional cut-out silhouette portraits of visitors to her bathing machine. The machines are open 11am to 5pm, Friday through to Sunday.

One of the bathing machines at last year's festival:

2. Kitsch'n'Sync

We loved the Kitsch'n'Sync dance collective last year, and can't wait for their return with a piece specially commissioned for LLAWN02. 'Gulls' will be a funny and dynamic take on Llandudno's infamous seagulls. They will be performing on the prom on Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30, 2.30 and 3.30pm.

3. The English Channel

Dancer Liz Aggiss will be performing excerpts of her celebrated work, 'The English Channel', as part of opening night on Friday. The formidable Dame Aggiss has a whole bunch of attitude and explores her sixty years on the planet via dance, music and film. The performance takes place at 8.30pm at Langtry's Bar in the Grand Hotel on Friday night. It is preceded by performances of poetry and song at MOSTYN gallery at 6.30pm.

4. The Tudno Castle Hotel

It's the last chance to see inside the grand but crumbling Tudno Castle Hotel before its transformation into a Premier Inn. The beautiful, haunting and decayed interior is host to an exhibition by the Royal Cambrian Academy and an experimental short film on dust, decay and shimmering sequins. We've photographed the interior and it's not to be missed. The hotel will be open 11am to 5pm, Friday through to Sunday.

The Tudno Castle Hotel during rehearsals last week:

5. Gwymon

Keep your eyes peeled at 3pm on Saturday, when two dancers will perform a vertical duet down the side of Venue Cymru. We're told that the dance will take place on the car park side of the building.

6. The Tabernacle

The interior of the Tabernacle on Upper Mostyn Street is another disused space that we've photographed, and it's not to be missed. The chapel will be opening to the public on Saturday and Sunday, when dancer Cai Tomos will be performing the world premiere of 'Gymanfa'. He will be filling the chapel with a virtual choir, in a performance that is sure to be haunting and unique. The public can wander in and out of the building between 2pm and 4pm each day.

Cai Tomos in rehearsal at the disused Tabernacle:

7. Granny Turismo

The world's only motorised shopping trolley dance troupe, Granny Turismo are performing on the prom on Sunday at 12,30, 2.20 and 4.30pm. Videos of their past performances indicate that they're going to be an absolute scream!

You'll also find a drive-in movie theatre showing 'Grease', complete with sing-along, a beautiful performance in the Colonnades, story-telling for kids and much more. And as we mentioned, all these events are completely free-of-charge. Find out more on the LLAWN02 website.