About us

Well, if you can't find what you want...

North Shore is a family run business, which we started when we were looking for pictures of the local area for our home. We wanted images with character that related to the places we love, but which at the same time were subtle, modern and not PhotoShopped to death.

We couldn’t find anything that wasn’t fake or picture-postcardy, so we rolled up our sleeves and set to work. That was in 2007. After five years, numerous rainy soakings, too many French Martinis, two cracked camera lenses, lots of early starts, umpteen wind-whipped hairdos, multiple cream teas, one broken foot, three websites, one name change, a dribbling cat, thousands of lovely customers and more than one precarious cliff-top dangling shoot, we’re still here!

Our philosophy

We only photograph places that we know and love. That way we can get under the skin of the location and create an image which truly reflects the place.

We keep our landscapes as natural and as authentic as possible. We won’t take a photograph if it needs special equipment to look good, or lots of editing afterwards, because then it stops being real. For the same reason, we avoid using special filters, allowing instead the natural colours and beauty of a landscape to shine.

Who we are

Geoff - Photographer

Geoff takes all the landscape photographs for North Shore. Born and bred in Lancashire, he moved to Llandudno in 2006 and opened his gallery on Llandudno Pier in April 2007.

Geoff’s work has appeared in The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Independent and Coast & Country magazine. He exhibits at venues such as the Snowdonia Arts Festival and Venue Cymru.

Jane - Marketing and admin

Jane does all our marketing and is still wondering how she ended up doing most of the admin too. Jane is the person who you'll chat to on Twitter and Facebook, and she also packs up most of the orders from this website, which is great for you as she's VERY keen on getting things right.

Having moved from the city to the seaside, Jane finds that the beautiful North Wales coast is the perfect antidote to a deluge of tweets and blog posts.